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Jun 27 2008

The school year is a marathon, not a sprint

I’ve been around a lot of TFA institutes, starting with my own in 1991. Now that I’m a veteran teacher, I wonder if the institute culture gets CMs ready for the reality of lesson planning. I remember a lot of CMs pulling all nighters in preparing a one hour lesson. This is a bad habit…

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From 1995 to 2003, I used to present a workshop at the TFA institutes about classroom management and the realities of the first year of teaching. The ideas were considered useful enough to be published as a book in 1999 (It’s called ‘Reluctant Disciplinarian’). That book was adopted by the New York City Teaching Fellows…

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Jun 11 2008

The problem with ‘investing’

The problem with ‘investing.’ This is a buzzword I’ve been hearing a lot from new TFA CMs. ‘Investing,’ they’ve learned, is a very important thing to establish in your class right away. If the students are invested, they will be motivated to learn. If they’re motivated to learn, they will learn, which will make them…

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