Mar 25 2010

Teaching as leadership critique part VII

Just finished chapter 5, ‘Continuously Increase Effectiveness,’ which I liked. It’s a very short 20 page chapter, which is very realistic. All teachers make mistakes. New teachers make a lot of them, but even experienced teachers do. Mistakes come from taking risks, and just like students learn from mistakes, so can teachers.

When things don’t go well, some teachers absolve themselves by blaming the kids. Good teachers, however, look inward to what they could have done differently to have prevented the mistake so they will be able to avoid it next time.

By the very nature of this chapter, it has the humility that I think a guide book for new teachers should have. I’m glad to see that the last three chapters have been pretty solid and balanced.

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  1. I that TFA’s strongest principle is Increasing Effectiveness. What I have learned from TFA about how to reflect on my teaching by using data and guided, reflective questions has transformed my perspective on what I do. I went through a traditional credentialing program, and I never learned there how to be continually effective by looking at what I did during a lesson, how I planned for a lesson, and what I believed about my students as well as their capacity to learn the material. I’ve been reading all of your blogs about this book; I can’t wait to read it now!

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