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Dec 31 2010

Calling all quitters

Air travel is one of the most dependable modes of transportation. You have at least a 99.99% chance of making it to your destination, alive, when you board a commercial airline. One reason for this is that when there is an actual plane crash, the airline will invest a great amount of time, money, and…

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Dec 21 2010

Out Of Exile? Not yet …

For about two years, from 1994 to 1996, I was somewhat of a star on the rise in TFA. I had won teacher of the year in my fourth year of teaching (a popularity contest, I know, but I’ve never been very popular, so that meant even more to me), and then I was invited…

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Dec 07 2010

How I wanted my first year to be perceived

Well, that last post was a bit heavy, I guess. Held those stories in for 19 years, and all I got was one positive comment and one person with enough enthusiasm to push the ‘like’ button. I was kind of hoping for a bit more support on that one. I feel like that Loony Tunes…

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