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With all that’s going on with education ‘reform’ nowadays, I’ve been following Diane Ravitch a lot. Her commentary and analysis of the craziness that’s happening with teacher bashing and union busting makes me feel that there’s a chance that reason and logic will eventually prevail. I finally got around to watching the lengthy talk she…

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Mar 11 2011

LIFO is good Part II

I received a thoughtful comment from the author of the great mathinaz blog.  For those of you who don’t know, she has the most visited blog on this site.  (I’m a bit bitter about that.  I made it my mission to be #1 for most recent rating period, but only got to #5.)  She had…

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Mar 06 2011

Same Kids, Same Building, Same Lies

One of the highlights of the TFA 20th anniversary summit was certainly when Secretary of Education Arne Duncan made a rousing speech at the closing ceremony. The most impressive part of his speech was when he described the transformation of Englewood High School in Chicago while he was heading that school district. He said that…

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Mar 02 2011

LIFO is good

The TFA alumni organization has been recently calling to get the opinion from different alums about the recent debate in New York City, and elsewhere, about ending LIFO (Last In First Out). At a first glance, it probably seems crazy to be against abolishing LIFO.  I mean, why should eager, brilliant, and relentless teachers be…

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