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Apr 28 2011

Is Poverty Destiny?

Which of the following two statements would get a standing ovation at a TFA event? 1.  “Poverty is not destiny. Social challenges in the community are not destiny. We can take you to school after school in some of the toughest neighborhoods in urban areas around the country where, again, every single student is graduating…

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Apr 26 2011

We’re Number 25 (and that’s not so bad)

In one of Obama’s recent speeches, he said that we were at a new ‘Sputnik Moment’ since the U.S. ranked 25 out of 34 countries in Math on a recent international comparison called the PISA. This probably scared a lot of people since it implied two things:  1)  that we had once been number 1…

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Apr 01 2011

KIPP’s Atrocious Attrition

I’ve been getting concerned lately about how TFA and TFA related organizations have been misleading the public about their successes. I know that every company tries to put the most positive spin on their results so that they can continue to stay in business, so that’s natural. But when it comes to TFA, Michelle Rhee,…

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