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May 30 2011

A new miracle school in Chicago

I’m not an education reporter.  I’m just a guy with a computer and a healthy amount of skepticism and internet access.  I also am someone whose been in education for twenty years and am fearful about the direction it has been taking. So when I learn about a new miracle school I get worried since…

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May 28 2011

My ‘Math In Movies and TV’ video montage

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to get TFA to improve that this blog might get a bit negative.  I forget that as one of the best math teachers in the country, I could sometimes use this as a forum to share some of my best math lessons. What got me to think…

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May 21 2011

What happened to my TFA?

Some readers of my blog, particularly the TFAers who  are about to begin their training, are probably a bit confused about who I am and why I’m so cranky. Originally, I was just a guy who had a very tough first year of teaching followed by three very good years in Houston.  I wrote a…

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May 14 2011

Obama at the ‘Miracle In Memphis’

On Monday May 16th, President Obama will be the commencement speaker at Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis, TN. They had won a competition called ‘The Race To The Top High School Commencement Challenge’ based mainly on the claim that the all-black school in a very poor neighborhood had managed to increase their graduation…

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May 07 2011

Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad — but is it true?

In response to critics that TFA teachers don’t have enough long-term impact, TFA replies with the statement from their annual survey “Nearly two-thirds of Teach For America alumni work in the field of education, and half of those in education are teachers.  Teaching remains the most common profession among our alumni.” Now a statement like…

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