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Jul 25 2011

Ravitch vs. Kopp Part III

Click here for Part I Click here for Part II This discussion now moves to the question and answer portion. I already have a sense of who this audience is and where they stand, based on the applause they give to certain points. Also, knowing what other speakers they have come to see in Aspen,…

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Jul 23 2011

Ravitch vs. Kopp Part II

Click to read Part I first Part 1 ended with Wendy Kopp misquoting an already exaggerated claim by a charter network as her proof that “it” is happening all over. Ravitch was surely skeptical of this claim, but without time to research it and refute it, she had to let it go. That was certainly…

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Jul 23 2011

Ravitch vs. Kopp Part I

On June 29th 2011, two of the most important people in the current ed reform debate squared off for a ‘discussion’ at the Aspen Ideas Festival.  As they are opposed on many of the vital issues, this had the makings of a heavyweight title fight. At the core of the conflict, I’ll try to summarize…

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I’ve written a lot recently about how negligent it is that the student teaching component of the TFA institute is too short.  A CM from Atlanta wrote to me that he only got 12 hours total.  There may be people with less, but it seems like the average is around 20 hours. For those of…

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Jul 20 2011

Putting the Principal’s Survey Into Perspective

The National Education Association recently passed some kind of resolution to oppose TFA sending corps members to cities that are not suffering teacher shortages. This, of course, was the original intention of TFA. We are not supposed to take jobs away from people who are planning to become career teachers — just to go where…

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After finishing my thirteenth year of teaching, I’m pretty tired.  Like many teachers who get the summers off, I need to waive that benefit and work over the summer to supplement my salary.  This makes me even more tired. Usually when I get this tired, I need to rest.  On July 30th, however, I will…

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Jul 16 2011

@2011s: Welcome to ‘Lead For America’

Do you feel horribly unprepared for the task you are about to undertake?  If you answered ‘yes,’ you are correct.  If you answered ‘no,’ then you’re really in trouble. TFA’s training model is so flawed that without some serious extra reading and thinking on your part, you are doomed be a highly ineffective teacher next…

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There are much more subtle ways to fraudulently raise test scores than tampering with student test papers.  One that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is the practice by many charter schools of improving their test scores through attrition.  Up until recently, these charters have not been very upfront about this factor contributing to…

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Jul 08 2011

KIPP On Trickin’ — looking at the raw data

I’ve written before about KIPP attrition in response to reports that had been released studying it.  When reports conclude that KIPP does not have high attrition, they tout it on their websites.  When reports concluded that they do have high attrition, KIPP responds with a rebuttal. The problem with most of these reports is that…

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Jul 03 2011

Tips On Being An Effective Teacher

Many people have been commenting that they’d like more helpful teaching advice and fewer angry rants from me.  When I started writing this blog, that was the main point, and most of my earlier posts were just that.  So what I’ve done is create a ‘category’ of teaching advice so new CMs can be more…

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