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Sep 30 2011

Panel with Ravitch and Rhee Part I

On August 18th 2011, in the quiet town of Edgartown in Martha’s Vineyard, in a small church, there was a panel discussion on the achievement gap.  What made this even particularly notable was the fact that the two faces of the education reform debate, Diane Ravitch and Michelle Rhee, were co-panelists.  While most people concerned…

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This is a continuation of my last post which you can read here. In my last post I argued that there is almost no correlation between the progress ranks from one year to the next that New York City uses to calculate the report card grades that are then used to shut down schools. One…

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I knew that if I had enough patience the corporate reformers would eventually let slip some data which would prove, once and for all, how unscientific are the metrics they’ve been using to shut down schools. That day came earlier this week. I’ll encourage anyone to recheck my calculations, just in case, but if I’ve…

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Sep 24 2011

If you’re in D.C. come see me on Sunday

I’ll be reading the children’s book I co-wrote with Mark Pett (Delta 1994) at the national mall around 4:30 on Sunday 9/25 as part of the Target Book Festival. Come for the reading and we’ll be signing books afterwards.

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10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, I will be live on the internet interviewing people, answering questions, talking new teachers about to quit off the ledge, and anything else that might happen on a live show. You can join in to watch or to participate, it’s up to you. You need a webcam and the latest…

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Sep 17 2011

My First Children’s Book Is Now Out!

The best thing about TFA, for me, is the great friends I’ve met though the program. Aside from my friends who were with me back in Houston, I’ve also met very good friends at the alumni summits. One such friend I first met at the 10 year summit in New York City.  Mark Pett  was…

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I’m hosting a live interactive talk show about education on a new website that could very well be ‘the next big thing’ — Spreecast. I did a pilot episode a few weeks ago, where I spoke with some 2011 CMs and also tried to interview the creator of, is now viewable by the public. …

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Sep 08 2011

See me on TV next week

I’ve been invited to participate on a panel for Dialogue TV and Radio next week. The discussion topic is ‘Education Reform from the perspective of the classroom’ and I’ll be one of three panelists. I thought in preparation I’d organize my thoughts in a blog entry. The taping is next week, so please comment if…

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Sep 05 2011

My keynote speech at a TFA documentary screening

Though I often relentlessly critique TFA, there are enough almuni who are on staff and who know me from attending my workshop that I still get invited to do a speech at a TFA thing, now and then.  Most recently, I was on a panel at a New York Alumni meeting, about 3 years ago.…

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Sep 04 2011

It Was 20 Years Ago Today Parts IV and V

The new school year is getting close.  I can’t promise that I’ll really follow through with the complete reconstruction of what could have been my 1991 first year blog.  But I’ve added a few posts to it so you can see the alternate site here

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