Sep 05 2011

My keynote speech at a TFA documentary screening

Though I often relentlessly critique TFA, there are enough almuni who are on staff and who know me from attending my workshop that I still get invited to do a speech at a TFA thing, now and then.  Most recently, I was on a panel at a New York Alumni meeting, about 3 years ago.

In 2002 I had my last big invite to a TFA function.  They rented out a movie theater and were showing a documentary called ‘The First Year.’  They asked if I would do some kind of keynote speech for after the move.  I wrote something about the difference between movie teaching and real teaching, which I was pretty proud of.  I eventually submitted it to Teacher Magazine and it got published in there and then I included it, again, in the new edition of ‘Reluctant Disciplinarian.’

I finally put it up on youtube.  I hope you like it.  (One joke is a bit of an inside joke so here’s some background info so you can be in on it.  In New York, teachers call the warm-up activity the ‘Do Now’  — now you are ready to watch.)

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