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It’s a lot more satisfying showing that a ‘failing’ school is being unfairly closed than showing that a ‘miracle’ school is getting accolades it doesn’t deserve. I applied the same analysis I recently did for Jamaica High School to the just announced closure of a New York City school since 1913, Washington Irving High School. …

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So it’s been a while since the first episode of my live internet talk show.  That was 3 months ago and it was pretty eventful. You can watch the re-run of the first episode in two parts, since I got disconnected in the middle. I’m hoping episode two, on Wednesday 12/21 at 10:00…

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Dec 20 2011

Come Back To Jamaica

The New York City reform model is centered upon closing ‘failing’ schools and opening new ones. Some of these ‘failing’ schools have been pillars of their communities for decades. One such school I read about in The New York Times is Jamaica High School in Jamaica, Queens. This large high school opened in 1925. But…

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Dec 17 2011

Any New Orleans CMs willing to comment?

New Orleans is definitely the ‘ground zero’ for education reform. The corporate reform model is conducting their ‘great’ experiment there as 80% of the schools in the ‘Recovery School District’ are charters. If the experiment works it will be replicated throughout the country. Already, Memphis is starting to copy it. If the experiment fails, the…

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Dec 13 2011

Pro vs. Khan

The most famous teacher in the United States right now is Salman Khan, creator of Khan Academy.  Khan Academy is a collection of nearly 3,000 online youtube tutorials mainly about math and science.  Bill Gates watches the videos with his kids, and has made Khan a household name.  Because of Khan, a new buzz-word in…

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Dec 01 2011

Miracle Schools: Where Are They Now?

The current education reform battle is a bit like a boxing match. The corporate reformers had a lot of momentum until April 2010, when Diane Ravitch came out with ‘The Death And Life Of The Great American School System.’ This was like a giant upper cut to Bloomberg, Klein, Rhee, and Gates. Six months later,…

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