Dec 22 2011

Washington Irving High School — another school unfairly closed

It’s a lot more satisfying showing that a ‘failing’ school is being unfairly closed than showing that a ‘miracle’ school is getting accolades it doesn’t deserve.

I applied the same analysis I recently did for Jamaica High School to the just announced closure of a New York City school since 1913, Washington Irving High School.  I learned that they had very respectable Regents ‘progress’ scores compared to the rest of the New York City High Schools.  A weighted Regents pass rate of 1 means that the students did just as expected on the Regents.  Higher than 1 means they outperformed expectations.  See my post about Jamaica High School for a more detailed explanation of this metric.

The five weighted Regents pass rates for this school were English 1.36, Math 1.32, Science 1.75, Global History 1.42, and U.S. History 1.16.  Compared to all the other high schools that had scores reported for these, Washington Irving High School would be ranked a respectable 175th out of 343 school in 2010-2011.

This is a school that does not deserve to get shut down.

3 Responses

  1. Very important analysis. It would be great to present this at the closing school hearings and at the PEP vote to close the school. We could do a “mic check” to inform the audience after they shut off the mic at 2 minutes.

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