May 29 2012

Occupy TFA

I mused recently about how I might encourage new corps members to somehow ‘disrupt’ training this summer if some of the flaws in the model have not been fixed. As I’m going to be pretty busy this summer taking courses toward an administrative degree, I don’t think I’ll have much time to ‘lead’ any sort of revolt.

But what I did do is launch a very simple new blog called Occupy TFA which I hope could serve as a centralized place for corps members to discuss these issues. The idea is that the comments section can be informal message boards.

It may generate some interest, or it might not. I won’t spend much effort promoting it. If it is meant to be, it will get used. If not, it won’t.

3 Responses

  1. James

    This blog was just retweeted by TFA on Twitter ( — looks like there might be a ‘guerrilla’ effort by TFA to fight back — sad, though, that it appears like they’re still ignorant — by virtue of supporting that blog entry — to the real problems at Institute.

    Dear TFA: it’s not about the copy machine!

    • Haha. If there’s some sort of guerrilla effort by TFA, then I can assure you that I have no part in it. I wrote that post primarily for my friends who are joining the 2012 corps—since they were already in and committed, I figured I’d give them some mindset advice to make their experiences as palatable as possible. You’ll note that I explicitly state that Institute is far from perfect. But it was outside the purview of the post to go into those imperfections, and I had no idea that TFA would repost it everywhere.

    • Gary Rubinstein

      I think that post is still heart-felt. It is true that complaining and whining can waste valuable energy. But I guess the post has a bit of the TFA staff effort to keep things under control also. I’ve read that blog before and I think he does a nice job. It is kind of funny that that would be tweeted so much. I think TFA does like the message some will get from it, which is: don’t complain.

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