Jul 08 2012

Join me for another live episode of ‘Talking Ed’ this Wednesday

In the past year, I have done only three shows of my internet talk show.  You can see them on my spreecast page here.  Except for the most recent one, which was me responding to questions that people typed in since nobody really wanted to be on camera, it has generally not been me talking for an hour straight.

So for this upcoming episode 4, which you can go to here, I am planning to have some invited ‘guests’ so it will be a lot more interesting.  It will be on Wednesday July 11th at 10:00 PM Eastern time.

Also, if you have questions for me, you can post them as comments to this blog post or tweet them to me at @garyrubinstein

3 Responses

  1. Rajas

    Hi Gary,

    Perhaps fodder for the next call, what do you make of this article. Apparently we have too many teachers? Color me dubious.


  2. wonderlandkc

    Looking forward to it! I will take time out of my Institute schedule to tune in.

    • Gary Rubinstein

      Great. You can watch or participate by typing questions into the comments while it is happening, or even come on screen if you want.

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