Sep 10 2012

Strike One

From what I’m hearing, the Chicago Teachers will begin a strike tomorrow.  For those who haven’t been following the story, it starts a few years ago when Stand For Children ‘tricked’ the union into signing a contract that would make it ‘impossible’ to strike.  Jonah Edelman bragged about this trickery in Aspen last summer.  By making the strike require 75% of the membership to approve, it seemed impossible since it is hard to even get that percent to vote at all.

Well, the joke was on him since over 90% of the membership voted to approve the strike.

Chicago is an important city in education reform because it was supposedly ‘saved’ by Arne Duncan.  Now he’s Secretary of Education and this would certainly hurt his credibility — if he had any.  Chicago is a complete mess with charters being touted as miracles when they are no better than the other schools they replaced.  This strike could be the first domino in a series of ‘push backs’ against this type of ‘reform’ that has never worked and never will work.

Now, there are TFA corps members in Chicago, and I’m disappointed that there haven’t been any blog posts about this.  I figure that people would be at least feeling ‘conflicted’ and it would make for some interesting posts.

Come on Chicago, what do you think about this?  If you want to email me with comments for me to post anonymously, I can post them that way so you don’t get in trouble, if that’s what you’re worried about.

Email to my yahoo account, handle garyrubinstein.

4 Responses

  1. Michael Fiorillo

    Well, we shall see TFA’s true colors now, won’t we?

  2. Megan H

    Just read this post:

    I thought it was a great post. I have friends who work for CPS and have shared very similar experiences at their schools.

    • Tee

      I saw that post, too, and I was disappointed that I couldn’t comment. I thought it was great.

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