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Links to the rest of this series here In part one I wrote to Whitney Tilson who is the ‘reformer’ I have known for the least amount of time (less than 2 years and never in person).  For part two I am writing to the reformers who I’ve known for the longest, over twenty years.…

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Links to the rest of this series here I think what gives me that extra motivation to participate, as much as I’m able to, in this current debate on how to improve this country’s schools (and yes, I do think they need to be improved) is the fact that I know, personally, many of the…

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Nov 22 2012

Ready or not …

  On my recent visit to KIPP NYC College Prep High School, I received one of their newsletters.  In it I found this graph demonstrating how their students rank in ‘college readiness’ compared to other Black, Latino, and NYC students in general.  According to this ‘college readiness’ metric, 72% of the KIPP students were ready…

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Nov 16 2012

A Thug By Any Other Name

There was a pretty strong reaction, by some, to a comment I made in my last post about my visit to a KIPP high school.  In general, the post was called by a lot of people on Twitter ‘balanced’ and even GothamSchools summarized it (in a way I thought was a bit of a stretch)…

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Nov 14 2012

My visit to KIPP

On Veteran’s Day I toured the KIPP High School here in New York City.  Public schools were closed but some charters were open (one of those ‘needs of the kids ahead of the needs of the adults’ things, I think).  So on Veteran’s Day I went to visit a school that had few veteran teachers.…

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Nov 11 2012

TNTP releases odd report about progress in D.C.

For people following ed reform in this country, Washington D.C. is the most significant place to track.  Though New Orleans is the place where the most experimentation is going on, the people doing the reforms there also control the data so it is tough to get a realistic picture of what is going on down…

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Nov 01 2012

‘Insufficient Resources’ Is Destiny

When I hear the mantras ‘Poverty Is Not Destiny,’ and ‘Poverty Is Not An Excuse,’ I can understand why they are so compelling.  The problem, though, is the ambiguity of the key words:  ‘Poverty,’ ‘Destiny,’ and ‘Excuse’. If ‘Poverty Is Not Destiny’ just means that it is ‘possible’ for someone who grows up poor to…

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