Mar 03 2013

My top 10 most popular posts

I’m going to make a few top 10 lists over the coming weeks since I know from reading other people’s blogs that I don’t often go back and read old posts.  But some of the older posts from me and others are not ‘stale’ in any way.  So in addition to this list, which will be the 10 most viewed posts, I’ll also make some other ones like the 10 that I like the best, or the 10 that generated the most comments, or others.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts On This Blog:

1.  10/31/2011 Why I did TFA, and why you shouldn’t

2.  1/9/2013 The 50 million dollar lie

3. 2/28/2012 Analyzing Released NYC Value-Added Data Part 2

4. 2/26/2012 Analyzing Released NYC Value-Added Data Part 1

5. 2/10/2012 New York State Tests:  7th Grade Math 2010

6. 12/31/2012 Open Letters To Reformers I Know.  Part 8:  Wendy Kopp

7. 6/12/2012 It Takes A Village

8. 3/6/2011 Same Kids, Same Building, Same Lies

9.  12/29/2012 The Silence Of The (Sacrificial) Lambs

10.  11/14/2012 My Visit To KIPP

2 Responses

  1. Educator

    Wow I would have thought more of your open letters to reformers would have made the list. I wish those got more attention from the public, especially from reformers themselves.

    • Steve M

      This tells you that the reformers accomplish quite a bit by simply ignoring those who question them.

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