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Apr 30 2013

The Three Biggest TFA Lies

When I was a kid, around ten years old I guess, my father told me a joke that began with the question “What are the three biggest lies?”  I said I didn’t know and he proceeded to tell me that the first biggest lie is “The check is in the mail,” which as a ten…

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Apr 22 2013

My discussion with Matt Barnum Part 2

A few weeks ago, fellow TFA alum Matt Barnum invited me to a public ‘discussion’ about education reform.  Though Matt seems to consider himself further to whatever direction ‘reformers’ are in the spectrum, I’m not so sure I’d place him there.  Still, based on the massive number of comments (72, though a lot are from…

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Apr 10 2013

Teacher quality at KIPP

I’ve written a bunch of posts about my visit to the KIPP high school in New York city over the past few months.  The first was a general summary and, since then, I’ve gotten more deeply into some of the things I learned there.  I thought the school was just OK.  As we always hear…

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Apr 08 2013

My discussion with Matt Barnum Part 1

A few weeks ago I was invited by Matt Barnum to discuss various issues in education reform through a series of letters.  Matt is a TFA alum who is now in law school.  He has written several articles in various newspapers about the complexity of improving education.  Most recently he wrote something about how it…

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