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May 29 2013

Huffman vs. Straw Man

Kevin Huffman is one of two TFA alumni who is currently a state education commissioner.  I was a 1991 Houston corps member and Kevin was one in 1992 so I have known him, at least informally, for over twenty years.  I interacted with him from time to time when he was a TFA vice president…

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May 27 2013

My Discussion with Matt Barnum Part 4

Gary,   If you’re not finding any thoughtful reform writing, then you’re not looking hard enough. Read Michael Petrilli and the Fordham Institute’s stuff, particularly Education Next; read some of the Dropout Nation, which includes important discussion of school discipline; read Rick Hess or Jay Green. Not of course that all these writers fit neatly…

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May 24 2013

Good Kopp, Bad Kopp

Two months ago I wrote about Wendy Kopp stepping down and two new co-CEOs of TFA taking her place.  As the weeks have passed, I’ve been able to get more of sense of who these CEOs are and what their views are. Matt Kramer and Elisa Villanueva-Beard have been carefully chosen to be the faces…

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May 20 2013

At KIPP, at least for 07102, zip code is destiny

One of the most annoying phrases uttered in ed reform is some version of ‘poverty is not destiny.’  Occasionally they mix it up a little with something like ‘zip code is not destiny.’  The implication is that there are some people out there who think that every person born into poverty or born in a…

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May 18 2013

My Discussion with Matt Barnum Part 3

Dear Gary, I’ve often heard teachers complain about the latest reform “fad.” It’s understandable insofar as veteran teachers have been around for many rounds of “reform,” only to see each and every one swept abashedly into a locked closet in the back of the class (right next to where I surreptitiously put those pre-tests I…

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May 18 2013

StudentsFirst (again) Distorts Numbers

StudentsFirst has raised tens of millions of dollars on the lie that they, alone, care about students who need to be defended from all the teachers who only care about themselves. The biggest distortion of their numbers is their claim that they have 1.3 million members.  Many of these ‘members’ are people who are completely…

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May 14 2013

New TFAers read a Top 10 list on Letterman

On Letterman the other day, the top 10 category was:  Top 10 reasons I’ve decided to become a teacher.  Reading the reasons were ten brand new 2013 corps members. So of course it is pretty ironic that out of all the perspective teachers in the country who could have been chosen from various education programs,…

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May 12 2013

Canada’s Legend-ary TED Talk Lie

Geoffrey Canada recently did a TED talk entitled ‘Our failing schools.  Enough is enough.’  Canada is the president and CEO of The Harlem Children’s Zone and star of ‘Waiting For Superman.’ The premise of Harlem Children’s Zone is a good one.  It serves to provide school and complete wrap-around services (health, mental health, nutrition, etc.)…

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May 03 2013

Bizarre Common Core Ad Campaign on NYC Subway

Riding the Subway today I saw this poster about the Common Core tests.  I won’t analyze it at length here.  Just take a look at how far away the basket is from the kid.  If he can’t make that shot, would it mean that his basketball coach is ‘ineffective’?

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