Jun 23 2013

Join me ‘live’ tomorrow on my internet video talk show

It has been a while since I’ve done an episode of ‘Talking Ed.’  Last year I did four episodes which, unfortunately, were wiped out when Spreecast’s server crashed.  Now, with the school year almost over, and with TFA inductions and institutes starting to happen, I’ve decided to do another live show tomorrow, June 24th at 9:00 PM EST.

Go to this link to watch or participate.  You can participate on camera or anonymously through typing questions and comments during the show.  If you want to be a guest, let me know.

4 Responses

  1. Educator

    Any specific topic or talking education and TFA in general and see where the conversation goes?

    And…it doesn’t seem to be anonymous as it asks for Facebook or Twitter ID.

    • Gary Rubinstein

      It depends on which of my guests can participate. I think that you can just go to the site and not log in to be anonymous. Then you can type questions rather than be on camera.

  2. Zulma

    I will definitely listen.

    I used to listen to “The Mind of a Bronx Teacher”, but he stopped his blog radio.

    Can’t wait to hear the ed issues that will be discussed.

  3. Jack

    Katie Osgood was today’s guest on a HuffPost talk show criticizing TFA.

    Later on in the show, a blogger and TFA defender named Justin Tong then joined the show and challenged her while not addressing any of her actual criticisms.

    In response, Katie was having none of Justin’s calls for Katie and everyone to just “work together.”

    Great stuff… just wish that it was longer.

    Check it out:


    Here’s the written promo:

    Some public school teachers are speaking out against Teach For America, alleging that the organization’s training is insufficient and that it threatens existing jobs. In Chicago earlier this month, critics gathered at the Free Minds, Free People conference to discuss the organization’s role in the local school system.

    Katie Osgood, a special education teacher in Chicago, told HuffPost Live Monday that she feels Teach For America educators and leaders have done “extremely damaging reform” to the education system, placing inexperienced teachers with the neediest students and putting other teachers’ jobs at risk.

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