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Sep 26 2013

You always know just what to say

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a change in strategy in the way many ‘reformers’ have been presenting themselves publicly.  It seems that they have begun to realize, especially with the release of the new Ravitch book, that the public is wising up to their antics and starting to get very frustrated by the…

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Sep 23 2013

Polis Joke

Jared Polis is a Democratic Colorado Congressman.  He recently had this interchange with Randi Weingarten on Twitter about Diane Ravitch. Though this caused a backlash, he seems to be standing by his comment.  This ordeal has been well documented by Jersey Jazzman and Jonathan Pelto. Polis is a charter school supporter and has opened a…

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A report was recently released which according to some TFA defenders “settles the issue” about the effectiveness of Teach For America teachers.  By comparing the standardized test scores of TFA teachers with varying amounts of experience to non-TFA teachers teaching in the same buildings, the study concludes that the students of TFA secondary math teachers…

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Sep 17 2013

Let It Reign!

The reformers can wait for Superman all they want.  We’ve got Wonder Woman. ‘Reign Of Error:  the Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America’s Public Schools,’ released today, is what Arne Duncan would call a ‘game changer.’  This will bring a new and wider audience to Dr. Diane Ravitch’s analysis of the…

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