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May 20 2014

A Portrait of the Reformer as a Young Man

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Read the post here. The site is not being maintained anymore.  It isn’t even possible, right now, to see the most recent posts.  My guess is that there was too much ‘truth’ on the site so TFA encouraged the people who maintain it to not do so anymore.  For me, it won’t make a…

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May 08 2014

I love the smell of NAEPalm in the morning

My blog has moved here.

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With social media, I suppose I can say that I ‘know’ someone if we’ve sent tweets to each other over the years.  This is the case with Michael Petrilli.  He is executive vice president of The Fordham Institute, and, according to his bio on their site, he is “one of the nation’s most trusted education…

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