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Jul 05 2013

My Discussion with Matt Barnum Part 6 (and final)

For links to all 6 part of this discussion go here Gary, It’s certainly not surprising that I’ve failed to change your mind, and you’ve failed to change mine. You’ve been thinking about, and living, this issue for much longer than I have, so I apologize if my arguments strike you as stale. I take…

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Jun 14 2013

My Discussion with Matt Barnum Part 5

Gary, That’s some fire-and-brimstone rhetoric you’re using, Gary. You’re absolutely right that pro-reform people like me are not doing a good job if we want to hide our tracks for when the reform-apocalypse is nigh. I’m not too worried though. I don’t like being deemed ‘moderate’ – because I think ‘moderates’ too often just vapidly…

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May 27 2013

My Discussion with Matt Barnum Part 4

Gary,   If you’re not finding any thoughtful reform writing, then you’re not looking hard enough. Read Michael Petrilli and the Fordham Institute’s stuff, particularly Education Next; read some of the Dropout Nation, which includes important discussion of school discipline; read Rick Hess or Jay Green. Not of course that all these writers fit neatly…

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May 18 2013

My Discussion with Matt Barnum Part 3

Dear Gary, I’ve often heard teachers complain about the latest reform “fad.” It’s understandable insofar as veteran teachers have been around for many rounds of “reform,” only to see each and every one swept abashedly into a locked closet in the back of the class (right next to where I surreptitiously put those pre-tests I…

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Apr 22 2013

My discussion with Matt Barnum Part 2

A few weeks ago, fellow TFA alum Matt Barnum invited me to a public ‘discussion’ about education reform.  Though Matt seems to consider himself further to whatever direction ‘reformers’ are in the spectrum, I’m not so sure I’d place him there.  Still, based on the massive number of comments (72, though a lot are from…

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Apr 08 2013

My discussion with Matt Barnum Part 1

A few weeks ago I was invited by Matt Barnum to discuss various issues in education reform through a series of letters.  Matt is a TFA alum who is now in law school.  He has written several articles in various newspapers about the complexity of improving education.  Most recently he wrote something about how it…

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