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Apr 10 2013

Teacher quality at KIPP

I’ve written a bunch of posts about my visit to the KIPP high school in New York city over the past few months.  The first was a general summary and, since then, I’ve gotten more deeply into some of the things I learned there.  I thought the school was just OK.  As we always hear…

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Feb 27 2013

Self-Contained Urban Boredom Apparatus

In November I visited the KIPP High School in New York City and summarized some of what I saw in a blog post.  I’ve decided to write more about what I saw there in a series of shorter blog posts.  In this one, I will describe what I saw in their special education classes. KIPP…

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Feb 23 2013

Overheard at KIPP

In November I visited the KIPP high school in New York City and wrote about it.  Trying to be diplomatic and maybe even be invited to come back some time, I left out some things that I wanted to write about.  More recently, I reached out to the two founders of KIPP in one of…

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I visited KIPP High School in New York City a few months ago and wrote about it.  My post was pretty generous — perhaps too generous — so I’m going to write more about what I saw there in a few small posts. In my last post I put a picture I took of the…

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Feb 19 2013

The $400 senior dues bargain at KIPP High School

A few months ago I visited the New York City KIPP High School and wrote a post about it.  That post was called ‘fair’ and ‘balanced’ by a lot of people on Twitter, which I’m happy about because it took a lot of restraint to write it that way.  As they were very gracious over…

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Nov 14 2012

My visit to KIPP

On Veteran’s Day I toured the KIPP High School here in New York City.  Public schools were closed but some charters were open (one of those ‘needs of the kids ahead of the needs of the adults’ things, I think).  So on Veteran’s Day I went to visit a school that had few veteran teachers.…

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